Furnace Prices

Comparing models, brands, features, and pricing will help homeowners decide upon the furnace that best suits their needs.

Getting Utility Costs under Control

Canadian winters are very cold and that can lead to high utility bills for many months out of the year. Depending on the age of the heating system, the energy it takes to heat the home can account for as much as half the monthly bill. In some case, it is more expensive to operate the current system than it is to replace it. So, how can homeowners get utility costs under control?

Make Informed Decisions

One way is to seek high-efficiency furnaces when it is time to replace the current one. If the furnace is twenty years old, it needs to be replaced. New heating systems are so much more efficient today that the reduction in energy costs can be as high as forty-five percent annually once a new furnace is installed. That is well worth the investment.


Comparing models, brands, features, and pricing will help homeowners decide upon the furnace that best suits their needs. Go to for side by side comparisons on natural gas and propane furnaces. Detailed information is also available on boilers, heat pumps, and hot water heaters. Free quotes from local suppliers and installers are offered as well.

Certified Technicians for Installations

The purchase of high-efficiency furnaces alone is not enough to control costs. A major component of the efficiency is proper installation. The best furnace available will not save money if not installed correctly. The website,, indicates that reliability and efficiency of any furnace is forty percent due to the brand selected, and sixty percent due to installation.

Make sure the contractor or technician hired for installation is certified. A warranty of at least one-year on the labour is standard for experienced installers. The manufacturer warranty, which is typically ten-years in length, will not be valid if the furnace was installed wrong. It is wise to double check that the installer is registered with the Canadian government to qualify for efficiency rebates. The rating on the furnace itself has to be at ninety-six percent or higher to qualify as well.

Routine Maintenance

In order to keep the furnace operating at maximum efficiency, routine maintenance is essential. Ask the chosen gas or propane supplier about a maintenance plan. Participating in a plan not only saves money, it also eliminates the burden of remembering when to arrange for a cleaning or inspection. Once a maintenance agreement is signed, the company will call the homeowner when maintenance needs to be scheduled.